Just a little rambling…………………………

My first Post…….It’s -33 Degrees below zero and I’m wondering what’s keeping me in the frozen north?  Family?  Good Job?  Money?  Life at a slower pace?  I don’t know yet….but  I’m still here.  Zach and I are home tonight, I’m making a few cards and he is playing with the  Kazillion toys he got for Christmas!  Yes…Kazillion  He’s so darn spoiled he doesn’t even know what to play with!!  One of the perks I guess of having all of my family in the same city! 

Let’s see where to start….I’m 36 years old, Mother of 7 year old Zachary and wife of 10 years to Dan.  I’m a MSgt In the Alaska Air National Guard In Personnel.  In May 2009 I will have served 13 Years……Wow, hard to believe when you see it in print!  I love to spend time with Zach and Dan, watching movies, Playing the WII or chasing our crazy dog Sadie around the house. 

I also love to stamp, create, collect stamps, pretty paper, ink pads, markers, glitter, brads, shiny stuff and on and on and on and on…………


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