January Birthday’s

Hey There,

It’s been a fews days since I’ve posted anything so here are a few tidbits.    I have to say that I really get the Stir Crazy thing .  It’s been -40 below or colder for two weeks now and I am officially over it!   I was even on telephone standby on Monday and Tuesday, which means stay home and sit by the phone in case of an emergency!  You would think for a stamper it would be a great opportunity but for some reason the more time I have on my hands the less inspired I am.  So I’ve spent my long weekend watching movies, surfing the Internet, playing the Wii with my son……By Sunday both of us we starting to go nuts.  I was  painting temporary tattoos on my 7 year old and we were dancing to Stacy Q!  It has been a rough few days.  Any-who I was actually happy to get the call last night that I would have to come back to work. 

Here is a quick card I made last night. My Aunt and a friend have birthdays this month.


January Birthday

The base is basic black card stock, then I layered 3 different papers from the Basic Grey Urban Prairie collection.  I stamped the sentiment in black craft ink on the top layer of paper and embossed it with clear EP.  The bling under the sentiment was picked up a my local craft store and I pulled the ribbon out of my scrap pieces and parts jar!  It’s pretty simple but the  paper is so pretty I didn’t think it needed a lot of extra bling.

Zach's Temp Tat
Zach's Temp Tat

This is the temporary tattoo I was talking about.  My 19 year old brother likes to bring this stuff home for my 7 year old son!  One day I will re-pay the favor with his children!  These were actually pretty cool, I have know idea what this symbol is or even if this is how it goes but I thought it came out pretty neat!


This was an unusual moment that I

~Relaxing together~
~Relaxing together~

 was able to capture!  Toonsey is an old kitty and Sadie is a rambunctious klutz.  So it’s not very often that the two of them are this close to each other most especially relaxing!


My Big Guy!
My Big Guy!

On last pic of me and my main man hanging out over Christmas Break!

Thanks for stopping by!


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