~Wuv – True Wuv~

Okay…so does anybody know what that’s from???   Come on?  If you were a child of the 80’s you should know!!  Okay – It’s from the Princess Bride – When Princess Buttercup is being forced to marry the evil prince!

Anywho – That’s what popped in my head when I thought about the next photo I was going to post.  This is one of my Son and my adorable Niece Gabriella.  I know that I am partial since I’m related to both but….golly they are just so darn sweet and both have the best disposition.  It’s really a pleasure to be around both.  So without further adoo 

Zach and Gabby
Zach and Gabby

here they are…….I’m off to spend the evening with both and the rest of my family for our usual Friday night get together.   I’m hoping to post something new tomorrow that I’ve been working on.

Thanks for stopping by



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