About Three Things……

I am absolutely positive………1st I am thankful every day for Stepheni Meyer’s 4 fabulous novels about Edward and Bella……..2nd….There is a part of me and I’m not sure how juvenile it may be that could watch Twilight every day for ….well a while….

And third….I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Edward the Vampire……………………………

Obsess Much?……..So it’s been a while…Here is a card I have made for my girlfriend at work…she just got back from a deployment and her birthday is this Saturday. She shares my passion for the lovely young Vampire……So This one is for her!

What If?????
What If?????

The Inside of the card is another quote from the book. I actually did not use any stamps for this card…I’m still wondering if that’s good….or bad???? How about just stepping out of my boundaries.
So I started with Black Cardstock – Folded it in half for a 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 card. I never make big cards but…I couldn’t make the picture of Edward smaller….so it’s his picture, a transparency, Grey patterned paper, Vintage Violet, some Light violet textured paper and some creative word fonts and waalaaa It’s my Beloved Vampire….
say-it out loud

I promise to update sooner….


3 thoughts on “About Three Things……

  1. GORGEOUS! I got chills and this time I DON’T need the dog as a space heater!!! 😛 LOL! Oh…and I obsess much too! 😉 I watch Twilight daily! We’re such Bella’s…can’t go a day without our Edward!

  2. Am I the freak because I haven’t seen or read Twilight? I mean, I hear about it everywhere. It’s now part of the evening discussion at Jazzercise. A young lady beside me confessed to buying an Edward pillowcase last week! I guess, I need to get my butt in gear and read the books!

  3. OME!!! (A true fan knows what that means). Girlllllll, this is fantabulistic. Wow!!! You got some skills going on!! Maybe I need to move North to get more inspired. I made a card too, and I really liked it, but didn’t take any pix…not very smart on my part, but this one puts mine to shame!! Thanks for sharing.

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