~Summer Hiatus~

For those of you that live in Ak you can relate and for those that don’t…..let me explain. Summer in Ak is not for the faint of heart, the term “Fast and Furious” becomes a quickly adapted way of life for the short 3-4 months we call summer. Days become never ending, you will find yourself outside doing yard work or playing badminton with your kids and to your complete surprise realize that’s it’s actually a quarter till midnight. It doesn’t seem odd because the entire neighborhood is out doing the same thing. You spend weekends chasing Salmon from one end of this great state to other starting at the Copper River with the first batch of delicious salmon, then the Kings and silvers start to make their way north and if we are lucky we can grab a few out of the Chena river then for the really hard core – they head to Chitna for a little dip netting. The Chitna River is so fast and Silty that if you ever get in…..you will never come out! I’ve heard stories about people having to literally tie themselves to trees to keep from being pulled in by the current. These same crazy people have also told me that they have had to share their fishing space with wild bears – sometimes less than 50 yards away. If the fish are plentiful the bears will usually mind their own business.

I prefer the marathon gardening myself.  You’ve heard that in Ak people can grow pumpkins that weigh 700 plus lbs…well it’s true!  If you need proof , just take yourself to the Ak State Fair in Palmer.  I prefer the occasional 24 inch zucchini or yellow squash myself.  This year I tried bell peppers and strawberries.  the Pepper plant is going pretty well, the strawberries – not so well, I’ve had two total strawberries so far……guess that isn’t my thing.  My favorite thing is herbs, I had basil – all kinds of basil this year.  Italian, lemon, Thai, Large Leaf, some that grew like a little shrub, some that was a lovely purple.  I also had oregano, lemon thyme, rosemary, cilantro, lemon balm and I even tried catnip – which my old kitty has been most grateful for.  I also got sucked in to the topsy-turvy infomercials early in the year and got one for tomatoes and for strawberries.  I have the biggest, healthiest tomato plant you can imagine, I just don’t have that many tomatoes – In Ak, you really need to grow tomatos in a green house – but I thought I would give it a try, now my strawberry planter – it has twelve openings – I put 3 strawberry plants in and filled the rest with herbs – the herbs have just gone wild – Oregano and Thyme and Rosemary oh my!

So, that is my reason for my summer time disappearance, but I am back and promise to be a faithful blog poster through the long cold winter.  Here are a few picture…….

~Pepper Plant Sep 09~

This is my first pepper plant.

~Tomato Topsy~

This healthy plant only has 5 small tomatoes on it!  I need a green house!

~Backyard Petunias~

The Petunias are still hanging on.  The super cool mornings are going to nab them pretty soon.

~Hanging Herbs~

Here is my strawberry planter filled with Basil, Thyme, Oregano and rosemary – I say check the strawberries!

Finally – Here are a few cards I’ve made and photographed this summer.  Like a lot of people I got totally wrapped up in the Ketto Fairies that you can pick up over at the Stamping Bella Website.  Are are a few things that I’ve made with them!~Agnes Ketto~

Agnes is so darn pretty in pink!

~Calliope Ketto~

Calliope made the best thank you card for the little girls that came to Zach’s Birthday party!

~Charlotte Ketto~

Charlotte is classy and fabulous!

~Mismatch Ketto~

Mismatch Ketto was the perfect princess for my adorable little Neice Gabby who turned 1 this summer!

~Lulu Ketto~


~Maisy Ketto~

Lulu and Maisy turned out to be more lovely thank you cards for the little girls that came to Zach-a-doo’s birthday party!

I’ve got more to add but have to do some running around today.  I’ll be back later.

~Thanks for stopping by……


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