Christmas in June!

Haming it Up!! Jun 13I know it seems weird but I’m starting to not only think about but fret about Christmas.  To be more specific Christmas cards!  See, for a stamper, November is not the time to start thinking about Christmas cards, that is if you are planning to make your own!  Unless of course you are super organized and have plenty of time on your hands.  neither of which have graced me!  so, while the temperatures are soaring in the high 80’s and the midnight sun refuses to set, I find my thoughts lingering on Christmas stamps and paper and wondering how I’m going to fit in some stamping between bike rides and pic-nicks, trips to the lake and all of the other summertime activities that we have to squeeze in these precious few months!  Here are a few pics of our fast and furious activities!

AKLand Fun Jun 13Who Doesn't love to Swing AKLand Jun 13

Swinging @ AKLand Jun 13

Sugar Baby @ the park Jun 13Z Man @ the park! Jun 13


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